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  • 1 pimiento rojo
  • 1 bote de tomate triturado de ½ Kg.
  • aceite, sal
  • azúcar (1 chta)

Cómo preparar

Parte el pimiento en pedacitos. Ponlo en una cazuela a freír lentamente. Cuando empiece a estar tierno añade el tomate, el azúcar (para que quite la acidez) y la sal.
Cuece a fuego muy lento.

Acompaña todo tipo de carne, pescado y huevos.

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Sreenu dijo:


I can solve the riddle of baked sagehptti for you! I’ve lived in England, and though it’s a cliche to say this, it really is a different type of society than ours. A regular sized all purpose grocery store in a small-to-medium sized village will generally be about the size of a convenience store here. You don’t get 50 different shapes of pasta-you get ONE. When they have so little space, it has to be something that appeals to the majority. There are big grocery stores like ours, with big selections and varieties, but they’re usually in larger cities and are a bus ride away-a large percentage of the population don’t have cars. So when it’s so inconvenient to find other shapes and types, they usually don’t bother, they make do with what they have.

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